Fuck Yeah Kaulitz Twins

i know you guys don’t care that i’m posting old interviews, so i’m not going to apologize. in Sweden, 4th March 2010, but interview is in english, no worries.

this one is fucking hilarious. they’re asked to look at several Swedish bands who are in a contest, none of which they really like. there is one band of blonde women in their twenties - of course tom is a fan.

tom: “maybe when they have the song in english for europe…”
georg: “and when they perform in bikinis…”
tom: “and perform, you know, without many clotheses—”
bill: *ahem* “without any clothes.”
tom: *perks up* “maybe that.”

ALSO, they all smile sooo gorgeously in this video and it’s so clear that you can see it. tom and bill especially, but all of them. also, there are good close ups of them awkwardly not liking the music of the bands in the contest. haha. 

MTV Sweden interviews Tokio Hotel, 9 Mar 2010, before the Stockholm concert.

interviewer: “so tom, when did you learn to play piano?”
tom: “well…you know…”
interviewer: “the truth, please.”
tom: “…right…well, i’m really good with instruments.”
interviewer: “you’re the best.”
*bill grabs mic*

lulz. these guyz.