Fuck Yeah Kaulitz Twins


best of Tokio Hotel on Viva Live like way back when. featuring bb TH/Schrei bill and the beginnings of Rette Mich bill!

and tom and bill’s voices sound the same…(not that i don’t like his voice now! but listen to their clips of durch den monsun - his voice is a lot more gravelly then than now. a more “rock” voice, as it were. like especially toward the end when bill has the beginning of the rette mich hair, his voice is a lot lower than it is now.)

THE DUDE WHO ASKS IF BILL MIGHT LIKE GUYS TOO. HAHAHAHA! YES. i love that guy whether or not he likes boys, because he had the guts to say knowing full well it might be on TV and OF COURSE his sexuality would be questioned.

“i always had a lot of gay friends, but personally, i’m not.” really?

lastly, it’s sweet that the thing bill never wants to experience isn’t a fan like creeping up on him or anything, it’s cuz he feels sorry for someone who was silly and almost hurt herself! deep, bro.