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whoops still addicted to tokio hotel, guys.


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Hey You.

live, 3 April 2010. genève.

YAY SHOTS OF GUSTAV. :DDD layin’ out those phat beats. also. he does have a mic. and the “LOUDERs” are definitely tom and georg (and maybe gustav). teeheeeee.

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MTV Sweden interviews Tokio Hotel, 9 Mar 2010, before the Stockholm concert.

interviewer: “so tom, when did you learn to play piano?”
tom: “well…you know…”
interviewer: “the truth, please.”
tom: “…right…well, i’m really good with instruments.”
interviewer: “you’re the best.”
*bill grabs mic*

lulz. these guyz. 

[posted on tom’s blog. 22 February 2010]

[posted on tom’s blog. 22 February 2010]

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Fur Immer Jetzt - Tokio Hotel.

live, Luxemburg.

okay, by far my favorite song, period. especially 1:50, cute little bff torg moment. luff luff luff luff luff. plus this song is totally sweet and lovely, and just generally fabulous. and of course it ends the concert.

gosh. the stage is beautiful, in a the-world-is-going-to-hell-and-made-of-metal kind of way. and when it closes up around them, it’s like clamps on my heart and sorry for going on and on…

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In Your Shadow (I Can Shine) - Tokio Hotel.

live, in Esch.


too beautiful. toooooo beautiful.

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Behind the scenes. Part 2/2.

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Behind the scenes with Tokio Hotel for the Humanoid Tour. 1/2.

(No translations yet, but keep your eye out!)

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Für immer jetzt - Tokio Hotel

live, Esch/Luxemburg 22 Feb 2010.


blaaaahhh this is one of my favorite Humanoid songs. 1:35, look at for grinny torg and tom stomp/wiggling. LOVEEEEEEE. gahh.

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