Fuck Yeah Kaulitz Twins



i don’t want to get banned, so i won’t printscreen

“hi aliens, as you know, ALL of the content in this app is protected under copyright law. however, as soon as we post something it quickly and illegally becomes available online. this is wrong and unfair for all of you who are btk twins app members. it also defeats the purpose of the app which is to share private and exclusive content. take note that we will place a lifetime ban on any user who posts any of the content here on their website. youtube or social media. in the beginning we were hoping for a “rules free” environment, but unfortunately some of the bad apples are forcing us to implement strict rules. help us monitor infringement and send us an email if you find any of the content outside of the app.

 continued in another post…

in addition, unofficial websites like www.btkapp.com will be served takedown notices along with all youtube users who have posted our videos. we suggest you take down content on your own before youtube and ISP’s ban you for copyright infringement. we created this app for YOU and it is only fair that only those in our alien community get to see it. let’s build a private community and protect it. obviously, we realize that not every alien has a compatible device, therefore we will launch an official BTK twins website where we will delay-post some of the content and keep all of the aliens informed with the latest “official’ information. for those of you posting our content - we know who you are! we appreciate your support and understanding” 

- BTK admin